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Minipolls v2 13-11-11

  • Twitter Bootstrap used for all user interface needs
  • Now I'm not stuck with a Palmnet theme I'm using a minipoll-specific logo, which is just taken from famfamfam's Silk icon set
  • Re-worked database; Now needs less queries and should, theoretically, run faster and kill the server less
  • New cache system; Should save the server the effort of generating bars
  • New Cron Jobs; Should free up server space and keep things tidier
  • New Bar features; Bars can now have specified colours, though this isn't an option for general users yet
  • Bar themes; As well as colours the data model now supports themes, though this is yet to be implemented as a general user feature yet
  • B3ta Auth; Poll creators can lock down polls so that only those with a valid, non-banned, account can cast their votes. This should, I hope, stop people using proxies to get around the time restrictions when trying to rig polls

Partial Fixes 06-09-10

  • Argh! Server went down due to Robs uber-poll of toys
  • Added in static image caches all over the place
  • More fixes to come when I have time

Fixes 15-07-09

  • Added better validation to the creation page
  • Added set up for custom bar colours and fancier bars
  • Cleaned up some crappy polls and added an auto-clean function to my tools :)
  • Tweaked view.php to stop a few errors
  • Tweaked captcha to aid readability
  • Tweaked random bar colouring algorithm
  • Fixed typos on view page that messed up html code

Features 20-04-09

  • Addes .htaccess redirects to images so they can be used on more restrictive forums
  • Added some more backend tools to make admin a bit easier
  • Restrictive forum issue brought up by ZoFreX

Feature 10-04-09

  • Added SQL stats at the bottom of the view pages, mostly for my own use
  • Added user page, listing polls created by a specified username

Fixes 09-03-09

  • Fixed character limit (40 chars) on dynamically created textboxes
  • Shows 5 options as default instead of 4 like before as 4.7 is the average options per poll
  • Shows who created the poll on view page
  • Tweaking bar rendering code again for SQL query optimisations
  • Tweaked database to near godlike optimisation
  • Option limit bug brought up by Rob

Feature updates 28-02-09

  • Export poll data (Currently in CSV format for Excel use)
  • Another request by none other than Rob Manuel.

Feature updates 26-02-09

  • Up to 35 options now due to request
  • Fixed bug in bar code
  • Added message letting you know what you're voting for on the vote page
  • Added username option and user stats on view page
  • Added required fields
  • Added 'no bars' embedding with compression options
  • Added show count option to show votes on each bar
  • Added links at the bottom of poll list to see older polls
  • Most of these were requests by none other than Rob Manuel

Stats and tweaks 24-01-2009

  • Added stats to the bottom of the view list
  • Added a creation stat to each poll
  • Tweaked SQL for efficiency
  • Updated banning system
  • Fixed null title issue when adding a new poll
  • Fixed and fiddled with a bunch of other little things too
  • Planning to start work on a poll search/archive and also better logging features to make my life easier

Mini updates 01-09-08

  • Fixed ordering bug
  • Tweaked captcha
  • Started work on extra options
  • Will have to alter the new poll page a bit soon, but all for the better

Done a few updates over the past two days 07-07-08

  • Added a captcha system when making a new poll to get around spam
  • Increased poll title limit to 60 character
  • Increased poll option limit to 60 character
  • Optimised the way bars are drawn and tweaked colours
  • Added top referer links in poll view