MiniPolls are small, simple, dynamic image based polls you can post anywhere online (Provided you can post HTML...)

Starting as a little script I wrote based on one I saw in 2006 that is sadly no longer about. The old developer, Aidan Samuel, kindly gave me his code before his system went offline and I based my version on that cutting out some features and adding a few others in too.

The basic premise is that people have a question and want people vote on various options from anywhere on the web. To do this normally people either rely on in-built voting scripts embedded in the website or manually collating use replies. But with Minipolls each poll is displayable and postable in for the form of regular images and links, and each bar in the chart is dynamic for real-time views of democracy in action.

All the bars are dynamic PHP rendered images. Each bar is linked to a vote page for simple voting with controllable flood protection by the creator. Now with optional B3ta-Auth :)

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