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This site is pretty much entirely dead now. I've rebranded myself from "palmnet" to "palmr" and you can find my new site, with much of the same old content, over at

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Nick Palmer

This is the personal website and blog of me, Nick Palmer. Currently a code monkey for Fivium and a general tinkerer in my free time.

While not working away on code at work I'm mostly with wasting time online, gaming or programming for my own little random projects. Most of my stuff is available from the sidebar links on the right, or dumped in the sandbox, which is packed full of unstable and undocumented stuff not intended for general consumption but still fun to play around with.

Palmnet was started in July of 2004 as an ironic name for a web company for someone with my surname. Unfortunately it's stuck and while over the past few years I've been meaning to distance myself from it, it still haunts me to this day.

During my 4 years of university I pretty much stopped doing anything to this site, though now I'm a graduate I have a more regular timetable and hopefully will get round to posting stuff I've done in the past few years.

Nick Palmer - Palmnet

Phil Wylie

I'm Phil, I've been friends with Nick for many years now, and I've supported Palmnet since its inception by providing hosting and domain registration services.

Nick regularly helps out my website design clients with his excellent working knowledge of PHP and correct use of modern web standards.

Phil Wylie

GaiaTools avatar

The Palmnet Questbars are nice and very simple to use, and the new site design feels nice and is excellent overall. :D

Also it's good to see more people in the wonderful world of Shoutboxes. Hope to see more games and software from Palmnet in the future.

WindPower - GaiaTools


i love you - you are a clever person

Rob Manuel - Co Founder of B3ta